advance technical writting

Writing Assignment #1

Set of Instructions for a Website

Summary of the Assignment:

  • Task: In this assignment, you will write a set of instructions that explain how to accomplish a task on a website.
  • Length:There is no minimum or maximum word count.However, your instructions must have 6 or more steps.More information on the number of steps is provided below.
  • Graphics: You must include at least one graphic for each step.
    • at least 6 graphics should be integrated into your set of instructions
    • all graphics should be screen captures of the website you are demonstrating
    • all graphics should be labeled

Brief Description and Strategies to Follow:

Please keep in mind the following principles when writing this assignment:

  • You must provide instructions on how to accomplish a task on a website.
  • You must have at least 6 steps.
  • Each step is to be numbered and is to begin with an imperative verb, as the resources in the class indicate.
  • Every step will include a picture or graphic to help the reader follow the instructions.

Some examples of topics are the following.(Keep in mind that you may select your own topic.These are just examples to help you consider various topics.)

Sections to Include in Your Set of Instructions:

The set of instructions will include the following sections:

  • Title Page
  • Overview or Introduction with background information about why a user would want to accomplish the task you are describing.
  • Instructions
    • number all of the main steps, as the resources for the class indicate
    • provide a graphic for steps of the instructions that need a graphic
      • all graphics will be screen captures of the website.
      • all graphics should be labeled

Helpful Guides and Resources:

  • Chapter 10 from Tebeaux and Dragga, which is available in the e-reserves section of the class, is a helpful document to review as you begin this assignment.
  • The Tech Writing Handbook by Dozuki, which is one of the resources listed in our class, has an appendix that provides tips in writing instructions and incorporating graphics into instructions.
  • The Mayfield Handbook, which is also one of the resources listed in our class, features excellent tips on writing instructions.
  • Some sample sets of instructions written by previous students in WRTG 393 are provided in our class in LEO.

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